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Padjadjaran University (Indonesian: Universitas Padjadjaran, abbreviated as UNPAD) is a state university located in Bandung, which is the provincial capital of West Java, and Sumedang, Indonesia. The university founding history began from the willingness of community leaders to improve youth education to a higher degree in West Java at the time. The university was officially opened by the President of Republic Indonesia, Sukarno, on September 24, 1957.

Institution Ecosystem

UNPAD generates awareness, importance and fundamental elements of innovation and entrepreneurship to students with programs such as “Hibah Inovasi Pre-StartUp Mahasiswa Unpad" (Unpad Student Pre-StartUp Innovation Grant). There’s also “Olah Kreativitas dan Kewirausahaan” (Creativity Exercise and Entrepreneurship) course to ensure students realize innovation and entrepreneurship is important and want to get involved in a deeper way. Students then apply knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship to a specific challenge/ problem and form a design team or work solo to explore potential in “Program Kewirausahaan Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka” program.

The university also encourages faculty innovation and entrepreneurship with “Matching fund” program, combined with institutions such as Oorange, a business Incubation Center, and Students Organization around the university that are categorized as “Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa" that encouraged the students to innovate and pursue entrepreneurial pathways.

In supporting technology transfer function, Padjadjaran University is very active in supporting the academic community in developing ideas and products by helping the academic community obtain patents through the "Patent Grant" or can called “Hibah Paten” program. This program aims to increase the acquisition of patent registration. In the university environment there is also a Central Laboratory, with the aim of carrying out further research activities in the field of Herbal Sciences in a multidisciplinary manner by involving researchers from several Faculties at the University of Padjadjaran who are product-oriented that can be applied in the community.

Padjadjaran University has several facilities that connect the university with industry. Among them is the KST (Science and Technology Area) facility is ready to facilitate the growth and development of small and medium-sized industries on an innovation basis. The three main functions of KST are incubation of the company, technology transfer services, and expertise. Another facility, the Center for Research and Innovation, helps the academic community to promote products and get funding. And other facilities are Unpad BUMN Center of Excellence (Unpad-BCE), Unpad-BCE is a space for unpad academic community in contributing science to the development of Indonesia SOEs. Unpad-BCE encourages Indonesia Indonesia SOEs to strengthen in 3 aspects, among others: institutional strengthening, human resource development, and synergy between Indonesia SOEs.

In an effort to develop regional and local economies, Padjadjaran University cooperates with one of the creative entrepreneurial communities, The Local Enablers. With the same goal of making an impact on society, The Local Enablers has the mission of Becoming a forum for seedbed, growth, stabilization, acceleration and sustainable development of technology-based entrepreneurial processes through social innovation. In addition to cooperating with the local community, padjadjaran university also makes a program to strengthen and develop Wargi (lecturers, students, education personnel, alumni) Unpad SME, Especially during the covid-19 virus pandemic through the website and promoting local products through instagram @buylocals.bdg.