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Lal Singh Nayak , second year mechanical engineering student from Rajiv Gandhi University Of Knowledge technologies,nuzvid,AP. Hailed from a poor back ground.He is a innovative and curious student and has many start up ideas. He is having compassion in machine design and entrepreneurship skills. He is having good determination towards his aims ,

he always talks about business people and their plans, much more about Donald trump and is planing to start a automobile company.
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He always says that money is not the driving force but talent is driving force...he says that he loves what he is doing ..if not he would not be doing it and he believes that determination and hard work can bring great change in our life.He is fluent in English and a good speaker and having grasp over four languages (lambadi,telugu,hindi and english)in addition to this he is a painter and a designer.

He is the class representative in his college and one the organizer of “HELPING HANDS” a organizing in his college and also he is the member of another organization called “MSC”,Mechanical student chapter.

He is a volunteer of national service scheme “NSS” .,which is infact a social service organization by government of India.And running a YOUTUBE channel and motivating many students in his college ,he is having good leadership traits .

Designed many car models and recently in his college for the convocation he did a project called “ROBOT SWIMMER” which was a successful one..and NAYAK is a leader.,He said it will be bring a huge impact on his college in terms of innovation once selected for UNIVERSITY INNOVATION PROGRAM and he have been eagerly waiting to join UIF family

to learn from other and to share his thoughts


facebook/lal singh nayak


Campus Overview : http://universityinnovation.org/wiki/Rajiv_Gandhi_University_of_Knowledge_Technologies,_Nuzvid

Student Priorities : http://universityinnovation.org/wiki/Rajiv_Gandhi_University_of_Knowledge_Technologies,_Nuzvid_Student_Priorities

Landscape canvas link


design thinking


Pitch Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V41cQSflTH0

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