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Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies(RGUKT),Nuzvid is a Full residential,Autonomous and Government Funding institution.It primarily aims to provide High quality education to the Gifted Rural Youth of Andhrapradesh State.

Spring 2018 UIF Strategic Priorities

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Strategy #1 : Formation of RSFF(RGUKTN Student Finance Forum)

Being RGUKT,Nuzvid is a Technical institute,all the students need to explore their ideas,thoughts and prototypes inorder to get financial benefit inside  the campus to make their idea into a product.

Why we took RSFF is an option over all other solutions?

Current situation in the campus is that so many students has many startup ideas,innovative thoughts and prototypes, But the difficuty lies in financial matter.So By providing Financial platform for the interested students who want to show case and discuss their ideas,prototyoes with interested faculty and administration inside the campus. So it makes me to choose this Strategy RSFF.

Woking :

1. We need to conduct a survey to know how many interested students are there to show case and discuss their ideas with the faculty and adminstration who are interested in investing and supporting the students.

2.Then Start consulting the entire faculty in the campus and spread this news to them.

3.Then arrange a event bringing students and faculty together at one platform in the campus.

4.Finally Faculty invest their amount in which they liked ideas and prototypes.

Strategy #2 : Formation of Campus Happiness Cell(CHC)

As our campus was government  funding institution it takes the top graded students who are having top grades in 10th standard (SSC) from the different districts of Andhra pradesh state .It was a integrated course with +2 and .Being a full residential campus Every student has to be stay in the hostel. So we need to provide a Happiness cell which can help students in different ways.

Why we took CHC as an option over all other solutions

Due to that lack of exposure and many of the students are feeling depressed and stressed to the new system they are taking time to opt this system in those span many are committing suicides . HOW TO OVERCOME THIS ? to establish a friendly relation with seniors,juniors and faculty cum administration in the campus and exposing them to different type of cultural events, brainstorming competitions .To create aware of this new type of system in college and motivating them with the  passed out students who are successful in their respective fields.


1. Create a local online CHC blog which is for students.

2. Making students, administration and faculty as members of that CHC blog.

3.Taking problems from the students which are related to their academics,hostels and personal guidance.

4.Then report those problems and student details to the concerning authority.

5.Arrange awareness programs by the different authorities regarding personal guidance and career guidance to the students.

Strategy #3 : Formation of  Campus Startup Stories Club(CSS Club)

Many students has many interesting and innovative ideas,But they don't know about making that idea into a Big product. For that Campus Startup Stories Club will motivate every student in the campus to launch their own startup.

Why we took CSS Club as an option over all other solutions

As we discussed in the problem 2 the students are confined by the hostel boundaries and not awaring of the present technologies and trending issues outside only few people are getting know about the outside world .so to create a platform like web blog or a intra news magazine in college with the trending and successful stuffs .mainly in Entrepreneurship to create aware of entrepreneurship we discussed with some incubators and successful entrepreneurs to take sessions by that students can inspire and some potentiality will be developed among themselves to have their identity in the society with all these STARTUP SERIES ,STARTUP TOURS ,ENTREPRENEURSHIP SERIES


1.Form a Campus Startup Stories Club with interested,active students and a Faculty.

2.Gather all the interested students at CSS Club Platform at regular intervals

3.Arrange Startup workshops and awareness programs by the existing startup founders,entrepreneurs and management faculty.

Strategy #4 : Formation of Industrial AwarenessTeam (IAT)

All the students in the campus are technical students. So every student need to be exposed to the outside industry in their respective fields.

Why we took IAT as an option over all other solutions

Our campus is basically a technical institution and with a good infrastructure students are very good at subject but they are failed to compete with the practical world and they are not good at implementing practical applications so as to overcome this students exposure to the problems in their respective field to has to taken so that they can find the solutions for the problems in the field. IndustrIal tours and industrial workshops can help to deal with this problem.

Working :

1. First we need to form a IA Team in the campus consisting of all the department HOD's and making Campus Alumini Relations a part of it.

2.Creating Awareness programs and workshops about how the actual working environment in the outside industry by Campus alumini students to the present students.

3.And visiting different industries and arranging industrial tours at regular intervals of the academic year with the help of administration.

Strategy #5 : Formation of Innovation & Incubation Centers(IIC) :

The innovation and incubation centres in the campus aims to inculcate a spirit of innovation and foster a culture of excellence and perfection among all the stakeholders at RGUKT,Nuzvid and Providing incubation for the students to develop their products.

Why we took IIC's as an option over all other solutions

To encourage innovative and creative students there was no platform to support them and guide them so as to overcome this we  are going to establish innovation and incubation centers in the campus so that the students can turn their ideas into product or an enterprise under some certain sort of guidance.


1.Form a well energetic Team comprising of Faculty&Students and Outside incubation providers.

2.Students can show case their ideas and products at this platform.

3.Finally with the help of IIC, Students launch their own product.

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