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MOHAMMAD SABIHA, currently pursuing undergraduation in the stream of Computer Science at Sagi Ramakrishnam Raju Engineering College, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh,India. She is a realistic person yet someone who has a lot of dreams about her life. She is committed towards her work.And she,being a go-getter , believes that “tomorrow” is the most overrated world. Despite knowing that future is unknown,everyone wants to do something "tomorrow".So she believes to act at the very moment ,right now !!

Being a computer science student ,she is very interested in AI/ML and wants to pursue her higher studies in regard to them. Her dream job is to manage motivated and talented people to tackle tough social questions through entrepreneurship ,intentional programming, connecting with the local population and finding innovative technological solutions. She is the Secretary of the VOES Club(a communication enhancing club) and has been selected as the University Innovation Fellow 2019.

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