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Miguel is a University Innovation Fellow from Colorado School of Mines, majoring in Mining Engineering. He was born and raised in Brazil, but lived in a few 

countries includingAustralia, Chile, and United States. Miguel is passionate about meeting new people and cultures, which made him want to speak different languages including Portuguese, Spanish, English, and a little bit of French. He will always be opened to talk to people with different ideas and perspectives. Miguel studied one year of college in Brazil, and now is pursuing the last 3 years at Mines.

While studying at Universidade Federal De Ouro Preto in Brazil, Miguel had the experience to work/volunteer at Minera Jr. – the Mining Engineering Junior Company. A Junior Company is a non-profitable organization, formed and managed by students of a university course, whose main objectives are to promote the practical learning of the university in its area of activity, to bring the labor market closer to the academics and to students’ lives, in addition to an autonomous management related to academic learning, involving big mining companies, such as Gerdau.

At Mines, Miguel wants to create a more welcoming environment, where students understand I&E since their first year, being a freshman or transfer student.

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