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Mehmet Yalçın Aydın, also known as 'Young-CEO',


is the founder and head student coordinator of student-run Koç University Makerspace, TunnelX. He is a University Innovation Fellow (cohort Fall 2017) who is currently studying Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Koç University, Turkey.

His focusses include Technical and Impact Entrepreneurship, Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing & Food-Printing) and Design Thinking Methodology. He has been teaching the first peer-to-peer course at Koç University, namely ‘Introduction to 3D-Modelling and 3D-Printing’ for the last 2 years. Moreover, he worked as a Teaching Assistant for the course ‘MGMT210: Change Making in Action’ in which he mentored several student groups about design-thinking procedures and project applicability.

Previously, he worked as Business Analyst Intern at Strategy& Consultancy, Strategist at Atölye Labs Design Thinking Consultancy as well as Business Development Intern at TeleSense. He founded Koç University American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Student Chapter in 2013 and he currently works as the ASME Student Regional Chair of Europe and North Asia. Moreover, he is deeply passionate about Sustainability and Zero-Waste Management Systems. On his campus, he works as a student leader in Sustainability Office.


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