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Mehmet Enes Erciyes is a Candidate University Innovation Fellow who is studying Computer Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering in Koç University, Istanbul.

Mehmet Enes Erciyes
School (Cohort)
Koç University (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science


I was born in Sivas, a small city in Anatolia. I've grown up there except the two years of my high school education which I spent in Kayseri, another relatively bigger city in Turkey. It was there where I first met the innovation concept and gained better perspectives for my future. I realized that I want a life where I can constantly create and improve. My experience with Informatics Olympiads pulled me to the fascinating realm of computer science and now, I am in Istanbul studying computer science in Koç University.

I am right now working on SPARK: Full-Scale Autonomous Car Project, which I have co-founded last year. Last year, as a few engineering students who complained that there is not a group -a society etc.- which gathers people who want to create big projects together. So, we said "Why not we start this society?". With the vision of providing a place where students can apply their theoretical knowledge to practice in big projects, I acted as the founding co-president of Koç University AI and Robotics Society. Our first project became SPARK to join Robotaxi Autonomous Car Contest in Teknofest, a national technology festival with three million attendants. Although we were just freshman and sophomore students, we won the first place in the preliminary design and simulation stage against 42 other teams which usually included graduate students. Our efforts, however, were halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we returned to our homes, we were not able to continue to next stages this year. Right now, we are executing a structural transformation of our society and planning out our project this year to win the contest.

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