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Meghana Sakalabhaktula was born in Andhra Pradesh, India. She is undertaking her bachelor’s degree in Aditya Institute of Technology & Management, Tekkali. Interest towards learning new techniques and skills in the field of computers made her to choose the stream Computer Science Engineering.

At leisure time you can find her playing sports to make herself free from the routine work. Her passion to join space organization made her confident on the path she is travelling. She makes her day adventurous by placing herself under any situation and facing it with the hope that she could survive without depending. This shows her independency. Her love towards travelling from one planet to the other gave her the direction to set up her passion in the reality.

Her strength is hers unmarked journey of life. The way of handling the situations with her own theory of life.

She is a member of Computer Society of India(CSI). She joined Student Activity Centre(SAC) at her college and is part of Elite team under the developer’s domain. She learnt Web Development and did some projects. The big change she found in her is that “She is more than what she thinks”. This change is due to the motto which she follows- “A change in you is the growth of world”. She loves participating in quiz competitions, Logical games.

Her perspective of living is “Leaving a trail where there is no path gives self- satisfaction, than following the path which is lead”.


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