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Strategy 1:Innovation And Entrepreneurship.

   Students of our college are not aware of the concepts of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Although there are many students who are enthusiastic about Entrepreneurship. To help students know about entrepreneurship, we have come up with a few ideas:

 1)Focus Camps

2)Life skills Club

   The main focus of these are the students who are mainly intrested in the Innovation & Entrepreneur. Focus camp is held for every two months. This camps consists of  prototypes that they have developed in Team Workspace. These prototypes are presented infront of the investors who will select ideas and fund them. This is how students can start a startup of their own. The Focus Camp trains the students on how they can set up their own startups and become entrepreneurs.The Life skills Club will comprise of alumni or students who have set up their startups.They can act as mentors to students who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship.  Moreover, this club will have connection with CEOs of some startups. These people will have some sessions with students on how they can prepare a prototype for their own startup and how to get fund from the investors to start their startup.

Strategy 2: Lack of Both Creative and Technical Skills.

  Creativity thinking means looking at something in a new way. Creative people have ability to devise new ways to carry out task creatively. Creative skills are more required these days as well as technical skills. Technical skills can be developed when mind starts thinking creatively. Briefly technical skills can be acquired only when our mind starts think creatively.



1. Everyday we create one new thing or one new idea.

2. Everyday inspiration session.

3. Building our network.

4. Take breakout sessions.

5. Taking feedback.

       To develop or design a thing the major requirement is creativeness, it can be achieved by practicing certain skill set. We can endue this course and skill set in our academics schedule. Like aptitude test, stanforn intelligence test for IQ. To acquire technical skills it is required to attend IQ TESTS which are comfortly available in online nothing but  in the sense online courses and the fallowing clubs are mentioned where are  going to improve technical skills.

Strategy 3: Stressless Schedules.

         Now a day’s peers are very busy with the things which are very near to them. As they are also very busy coming to their schedule of the whole day. In that way they are not having any leisure periods in their college time. A schedule was prepared for them what they should do in the whole day in the college without any leisure in the mean time. So going on the schedule they are stressed and they even come to house with some schedule to do perform tasks. If this continuously goes on the people may fall sick and got some hyper tensed.

          Our team came with an idea to solve this as a part of that there should be a slight modifications in our time table which get more relaxation to our mind. There should be a several activities should be done parallelly with studies for that we may keep some Library Hours, Extracurricular Activities, Music Club, Singing, Dancing like these should be added in our college time which will reduce stress from our minds and make us to be free from the other stress in mind this help to creative a innovative things. If this would happen in the Education Curriculum which help the peers to create several things in their domains.

           This is one of our strategies to reduce the stress from our minds by changing the curriculum above said will help to free minded. There are several things are there to relief from stress but we selected this way to make a change in the curriculum and to remove stress from the peer minds  and this is also helps us to think innovative and to create several things. 

Strategy 4: Less Awareness.

   As our team witnessed, that most of the students are less unaware of the things that are happening around them .And there is a need to get informed about the where and what abort’s of the things which are happening around them in order to think out of the box.

   As our team observed the theoretical knowledge of the engineering students haven't improved in a significant ways. They are un-aware of the project outcomes and the greater things which can be accomplished through their knowledge. So, these societal and ethical responsibilities and have taken initiatives to incorporate in the engineering curriculum. We do conduct some awareness programs regarding this issue. By inviting great leaders and fellows who have reached great heights with the knowledge of engineering and motivate the students. The workshop should be used as a tool to communicate and reinforce student’s values and awareness, as well as code of conduct.

  This result of the study points strongly to the need of organizing more structural and interactive sessions (than traditional lecturing), which helps them to see the way, where they can implement these knowledge acquired. And later on we conduct some group discussion and take the feedback of the students ,regarding the sessions conducted and follow-up the things which were mentioned and improve ourselves.




Talent Transformation:

The main strategy to take this problem is, students carry many talents with them but they don’t know the exact situation and place to express, which makes them isolated.


This club will help the people to share their talents among peers. If a person having a nice talent in them and the other people also have a unique talent. So, we create some space to them where they can exchange their talents to each other. This can be followed frequently.



The major problem here in our college is more than half people are girl students only. They are not actually getting a chance to expose themselves in the college. They are also not participating in any events that’s the feedback what we got after a survey.


Women Empowerment Club.

Here we make the all-girl students to  assemble in one place and tell them to share their ideas. We make maximum women to participate in maximum events which will be conducted in our college. This makes the people to empower and to start their own start-ups. We will keep some seminars and webinars through the special guests.


Gaming and animation :

This is the problem what we found in our college. Several people have different set of ideas like the creative areas of drawing the pictures and nice thought with them. But they don’t know how to implement them in the real life.


Gaming and Animation club.

For this we made the people into groups to express their thoughts and to share programming skills among themselves and they made their thoughts coming into implementation in designing games. Along with that we give some coders to design games and to run that which makes the people to get jobs and to start entrepreneurship in the college.


Digital literacy:

We have known that , how students have been struggling in putting their projects on ground. To compensate it we have planed to put all this activities into village development. We have also observed that country’s development depends on its village development.


In this we send different teams and tell them to make a survey of problems. What they have  identified will be sent to core team in the college there they will find solution and then the core team will go and implement those problems in the villages and make a smart village. Which induces practical knowledge into students minds. Through this they have a created way to complete their projects also.


College Radio:

        This problem is about the lack of awareness on things what normally happens inside the college and some of the members only know what is happening and remaining don’t know about that which brings a gap between the college and students.


College radio

      If the college radio is implemented in the college the announcement can be done very clearly to everybody. So that single update also will not miss to the students at every time. There will be a campus drive announcements, seminar sessions, fest proposals and everything. Some of the senior students can also share their experiences. These things differs the college environment and the gap among the students and college governing body will be reduced.




The students during their entry as freshman should get to know about the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. So as to start the seeding from the first year the following tactics are being implemented.


@1. Sessions on I&E in the curriculum for the freshman.

So interested can work on and an ecosystem of I&E develops from the start and during their end days as a graduate there will be a well developed ecosystem.



    The main strategy is to show that for every thought which a student gets there will be a real time executable solution. Students are not finding the platform to articulate their ideas. So this is where the opportunity is given.


@1: Our team reverberates with every class in the campus and creates an awareness about the ideas day.

@2: The students pitch their ideas with the stakeholders and discuss the pros and cons of those pitched ideas and then they try to improve them in a better way.

@3: We will build a wide network with entrepreneurs and bring them to our campus so that they will interact with these students and motivate them by sharing their journey as an entrepreneur.

@4: Students work on their ideas and implement them and they will drive our campus to an I&E ecosystem.

At last campus ecosystem will be enriched with the young entrepreneurs.



       All students are loaded with tons of talent, ideas and knowledge but to showcase them and to open themselves they require a platform. The following events would help them,


@1 Hackathons

@2 Workshops

@3 Seminars



     The main aim of this collaboration is that the little ones in the schools come up with crazy ideas which will be useful for us to make them more innovative and show it to the outside world so that the entrepreneurial skills in the graduates will shine up when they start working on those ideas.


@1. Technocrats interact with the school students by conducting workshops.

@2. Students ideas will be taken under consideration and discussed by our technocrats.

@3. Technocrats implement these ideas as a real time solution.

Output is that technocrats work with more ideas and work on those to show them to the world. The school students also get inspired by these establishments and the ecosystem of I&E develops from the schooling itself.

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