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Mauricio Giraudo Cabrera, from Colonia del Sacramento, a small city and the oldest in Uruguay (founded in 1680), is currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business at the Universidad de Montevideo. At the same time, due to the University of London International Programmes, he studies from Uruguay for a BSc in Business and Management of the London School of Economics.

On 2014 he was chosen to participate in the US Department of State’s program Youth Ambassadors, from which he travelled for a month to California to acquire the skills needed to implement a Community-Based Initiative. He is then founder of the NGO Colonia Limpia, focused on raising environmental awareness through different educational activities, as workshops at schools and beach clean-ups. Besides, he is an active member of the NGO Panda Educación Ambiental, collaborating in its various programs.

He loves to travel to new places and be amazed by the nature, its people and to learn about their culture and thoughts. He’s also a fan of sports and soccer, and enjoys spending time outdoors sharing with friends, listening and playing to music.

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