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Magdalena Roba is a University Innovation Fellow candidate and an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in


Civil Engineering at Universidad de Montevideo (UM). She has always been curious about many aspects of life, therefore, before opting for engineering, she tried out different orientations at school, learning about diverse topics and broadening her mind in the process.

One of the things Magdalena enjoys the most is spending time with her family and friends. Since she is the eldest sister in a family conformed by five children, she learned to be independent and the importance of helping the younger members of her family, a learning she later extrapolated to her community.

Among the activities she enjoys in her spare time, she participates in volunteering and volleyball. Throughout her last three years of high school, she participated in Model United Nations, where she learned about different cultures and enhanced her interest in society.

Nowadays, Magdalena participates in the Changemaker club, where she got to meet wonderful and diverse people that share her passion for changing their surroundings. Furthermore, it was in this environment where she was introduced to I&E, design thinking and life design, and all the entrepreneurship skills she now owns.

In the future, Magdalena would like to connect her career with her passion for helping others, by creating a system of low-cost houses for people in marginal neighborhoods. She hopes to achieve this with the skills she will acquire in and outside her classroom.

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