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Mantri Gautami is a University Innovation Fellow. She is pursuing her Bachelors of technology in Aditya Engineering College, Surampalem, Andhra Pradesh, India, with a major of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Gautami Mantri

She is very much focused to become an entrepreneur and is fascinated to be a change agent for the society.She thinks experiences are the best lessons of life and that's the reason why she is so enthusiastic in trying new things in life.Her confidence and positive self esteem helps her to overcome every obstacle she gets in life.

She believes in bringing the practical knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge to all the schools and colleges. She believes in enhancing one's personal skills in order to bring the best out of a team. She has been an active participant in Unnat Bharath Abhiyaan, N.S.S(National Service Scheme), and Helping Hands, all being government organisations. The main objective of these organisations are to serve the Society to their extremes. The only motive for which she has joined hands with these organisations is to serve people selflessly.

Her hobbies are:

painting, reading books, which are mostly fiction in genre, dancing, listening to music. She is a person who seeks Creativity in the smallest of the tasks even..... to get a better outcome

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