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Manjunath is currently an undergraduate pursuing  Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering Department  from Godavari Institute of Engineering and technology in Andhra pradesh  .He is very much passionate about innovation and creation .He has good communication skills and is  collaborative  with people  around him and is quite supportive and encourages his peers to unlock their inner creative potentials.He ‘loves to know the things  that he doesn't know’ and strongly believes that Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.

Along with his seniors and his team members he was able to establish a club “ Student Activity Council (SAC)” for his  peers to expand their wings on TED talks,Interpersonal skills and Modern technologies.He strongly believes that  coordination among the team members will make a goal ,similarly healthy collaboration in a team will undisputedly bring out a great success.

His inspirational  slogan is  “Talent wins games,but Teamwork and intelligence wins champions”

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