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Magdalena Arraztoa
School (Cohort)
Universidad de los Andes Chile (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Service Management


Born on April 11th, 1998 in Santiago, Chile. She is the fifth of four older brother and one younger sister.

In 2013 she visited Atlanta, Georgia (EEUU) for three months to learn English in Notre Dame school. She had the opportunity to know other culture and people whom she is in contact until today.

She graduated in 2016 from Los Andes School of Santiago. She participated in ballet academy for five years, she was part of the basketball team and in the choir. Also, she the leader in an artistic representation where participated around 100 student that create a choreography.

Magdalena is currently studying Service Management. Now is in her third year of study. She studied two years Nursing before start Service Management so because of that, she has a minor in Vital Emergency.

During the year 2020 she participated in the university representing the students of Service management as a vice-president. This was not an easy labor because the pandemic circumstances. She is presently one of 2 delegates of the student council, representing her generation.

She has been involved in volunteer work in different social project, as in charge of work and service team. This has been specially challenging, due the necessity to conciliate being a regular student in university and the volunteer labor. However, the challenge worth, she says.

She likes photography, trekking, spend time with her friends and family and paint with watercolors. She loves to enjoy, specially sharing time with people.

Magdalena likes to study, and she is motivated to be able to contribute to the service area today as a student and in the future as a professional.


First place in an artistic representation in 2015

Third place in a photography course in 2018

Participation in student representation (CADAS) in 2020

Volunteer in social proyects in university cultural center.

Social media profiles

Facebook: Maida Arraztoa

Instagram: @maida_arraztoa

Mail: marraztoas@gmail.com