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Luigi Di Sanzo
School (Cohort)
Fordham University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in


Luigi is a sophomore majoring in Finance at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University in New York City. He is originally from Palermo, Italy, where he was born and raised. He spent his whole life there and moved to NYC for college.

He has always loved interacting with people, which made him interested in the students’ problems in high school, where he was elected Student Body President, the youngest ever in the school’s history. During his mandate, he addressed important topics such as social cohesion and broadening the school experience. He is happy to say that his efforts were recognized by the students, who reelected him another two times, bringing his overall tenure to three years, a record for the position at his school. He found himself dealing with many new problems during the pandemic, a unique experience that has helped him understand more than ever how complex a community is and how leading it is even more complicated.

You can find him studying, reading, or playing football (it’s called football, not soccer ;-)) or watching Formula 1 while cooking some pasta during the weekend.

Fun fact: I ended up on the major Italian news channels while celebrating my favorite football team’s championship victory in New York, something extremely unexpected to all my friends and relatives back home

Something that few people know about me: I’m also a US Citizen


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LinkedIn: Luigi Di Sanzo

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