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Leandro Ferreira
School (Cohort)
Universidad de Montevideo (2022 cohort)
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How are you? I hope you are well!

It is a real pleasure to be part of this experience.

My name is Leandro Ferreira, I arrived to this earthly plane on August 31, 2000, a little before the expected date. Since my early age, I have been accompanied by a diversity of Italian and Spanish ancestral cultures, which as I grow up, have become tools of great value for my upbringing. I have crossed paths with great culturally called guides, such as teachers as teachers, educators, professors. They have marked me leaving me a little of their essence.

As I grew up, life synchronized me with incredible experiences.

And my approach to Communication in order to acquire new knowledge that work as to achieve a greater understanding and evolution, and to be able to take these tools to put them into practice. tools to put them into practice. I have the certainty of being able to incorporate new learning, experiences, links that are part of a great path, a creative, conscious and ecological path that allows a healthy transcendence.

I feel that my mission is to be able to communicate and wisely express the right words that help people to envision a new model of the world.

UIF transmitted me to be that meeting space for connections, knowledge, new approaches and missions that I really love. approaches and missions that I would really love to live and experience.

To build, to create new knowledge, to raise awareness, to experience, to transcend and to understand our being in conjugation with life, is my way of manifesting myself.


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