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Laya Nallaparaju is a university innovation fellow and an undergraduate studying information technology at Sagi Rama  krishnamraju engineering college,Bhimavaram .She joined university innovation fellows because she loves to work collaboratively and wants to extend her thinking as well as that of others  beyond those four walls of a classroom.She is a kind of person who says,”Lets change” rather than,”Somebody will come and change”.

Her work at Sagi Rama Krishnamraju engineering college includes the anointing of a club called voice of engineers @ SRKR abbreviated as VOES.The club is mainly concerned with the speaking and idea expression and stresses upon the elimination of fear of public speaking.The club acts as a interdisciplinary platform where students from all branches collaborate and they refine their thought process and idea sharing.She is also a part of the computer society of india where she first introduced this concept of live research where a student prepares about a technical topic and gives a seminar while the other students involved provide deeper insights and thorough understanding about the topic.

The only thing she hopes to be is an entrepreneur and market a product that is useful and reaches a major bunch of population and that is what she thinks real entrepreneurship is.

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