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Hello! My name is Lauren Dargan and I am an engineering major at James Madison University. I am also minoring and Mathematics and French, and hope to go on to use engineering to help people all over the globe.

I joined UIF to help increase the accessibility and awareness of innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities for students of all backgrounds at JMU.


In my free time, I like to read, watch action movies, cook, dance, and go hiking.

All in all, I am passionate about STEM education and biology, and in the future, I hope to bridge the gap between STEM and minorities in all walks of life.


On top of UIF, I am also an active member of Engineering Ambassadors, and University Program Board at JMU.

In the Engineering Ambassadors cohort, I am currently the social media chair member, and I am in charge of making sure that the public relations between our organization and the community run smoothly.

In University Program Board, I am the administrative chair for the film committee, so I am in charge of making sure that we choose films that everyone on campus would love to see.

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