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Chihim profile.jpg
Lau Chi Him Alex
School (Cohort)
Lingnan University (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
social sciences
Hong Kong


Lau Chi Him (Alex) is a University Innovation Fellow, and an undergraduate political science student studying at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. Alex was born and raised in Hong Kong. Chihim is dedicated to learning everything which he interested, included languages, physic and ecology. Chihim is a passionate marine life lover and he is working on becoming a marine conservator. He always wanted to impact the world so he have joined volunteer work and tried to help people in daily life.

In believe of 'busy living or busy dying', Chihim wants to have a life without regret. He will put all his effort on what he wanted to engage. He is a friendly person and he treated his friends as treasure. One of his goal is get to know more people around the world and make friends to everyone as much as he can.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys reading, playing basketball, surfing and sucba diving.


Japanese -- N3 level

Spanish -- Advanced

French -- Advanced

German -- Basic

Committee member of faulty of BSS

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