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La Selene is a University Innovation Fellow and an inquisitive engineer who likes to explore new things. She is currently pursuing her under graduation in the stream of Computer Science and Engineering from Aditya College of Engineering and Technology, India. Some of her aims include standing as a trailblazer, an inspiring influencer. She is a person who is deemed to set and reach her goals in her path of vision. An outspoken girl who loves talking about innovations and new ideologies with diverse people. Convinced by the fact that a small idea can bring a great change in people's life. She collaborates with people and gets inspired by the diligence of talent and work. She believes in team spirit and is benevolent towards her peers. The Leadership qualities in her personality are evident by being elected as the Class Representative from 3 years of her Bachelor's and is also a Campus Ambassador for Atos Syntel. 

In a way of innovating herself by retrospecting. She clinches a position in any of the extra-curricular competitions she participates in, like Elocution, Singing, Content Writing, Sketching. Though she can be said as a workaholic, she is well versed in balancing her life and believes in her moral values. She is naturophilic who can't resist capturing the beauty of the scenic views by chasing sunsets and has a thing for music and arts. Can also be found stargazing and mooning over some words. Hopeful for a good change, as it isn't a little thing but starts with a little thing.

"Passion and dedication always drive to the success" is her belief. 


Team Members: La Selene Dommu, Mayukhi Choudhary, Pranavi Jampana, Sandeep Addala

Design Thinking: Interview, Synthesis, and Ideas

Landscape Canvas: ACET Google Spreadsheet

Campus Overview: ACET Wiki Page

Strategic Priorities: Student Priority Wiki Page

Change Model Canvas: Google Doc

Storytelling: Change Story Video

Stake Holder Meeting: Report, Artifacts

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