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Kyle Stock Photo.jpgKyle Anderson is a University Innovation Fellow and is currently in his Junior year at James Madison University as an Independent Scholar researching International Development. His academic pursuits are centered around the history of colonization and imperialism, as well as finding best practices for implementing democratic processes in isolated rural ocmmunities, becasue it is his belief that when everyone has an equal opportunity to share their voice, everyone benefits. Having been born and raised in Vriginia Beach, Virginia, Kyle doesn't know of a much happier place than the beach, though the mountains around Harrisonburg is where you can find him on most weekends.

Hitting the ground running, Kyle spared no time becoming involved in campus organizations. Kyle first joined Outriggers Peer Educators, where he gets to serve student organizations facilitating leadership, teambuilding, goal setting, and communication activities. Kyle, along with serving his university community, also gets to serve his city community through Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity, where he volunteers twice a week in a Special Education classroom. These moments in this classroom have been some of the most fulfilling experiences of Kyle's undergrad experience. Along with these extracurricullars, Kyle works as the Project Manager for Technology & Design, structuring teams and deadlines to meet to university offices' advertising needs. 

Kyle has been shocked by and grateful for all the opportunities he has been given on campus in these short three years he has attended this school. Now, it is Kyle's aim to make sure everyone has a chance at being a part of a cause or group they enjoy while at university. Giving everyone an equal opportunity at success and a meaningful life is what gets Kyle out of bed every morning, to know that he can bring others along in the grand adventure he has had so far, as he helps find new adventures for others. 

Serving as a life motto, Kyle's favorite quote, attributed to St. Teresa of Calcutta, says: "My life is not about me, but I am abot Life."

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