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Kriszten Szakal is a University Innovation Fellow that is pursuing a major in Industrial design and a minor in Computer Information Systems at James Madison University. Kriszten grew up in “NOVA”, Northern Virginia. She is constantly looking for people that inspire her as she grows as a design thinker and detail-oriented creator. 

What motivates Kriszten is enjoying the beautiful, fleeting moments in life. Her mission is to make that possible for others as well. As a young, bi-racial American, she hopes that one day her perspective and design-thinking will be able to help our world become a safer, fairer place so that marginalized groups can enjoy the fleeting moments in life too.

Kriszten is involved with a multitude of organizations on JMU’s campus such as Industrial Designers Society of America, Visual Distortions Dance Team, and even participates as the Internal Vice President of Asian Student Union. At the end of the day, Kriszten is a student who loves to eat adventurously and indulge in her own geeky passions, such as reading comics and costumemaking. She hopes that as a fellow she can collaborate with other great minds and experience design opportunities on a wider scope.

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