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K.Mayukhi Choudary is a University Innovation Candidate.She is an undergraduate student with her major as Information Technology at Aditya College of Engineering and Technology,Surampalem,AndhraPradesh,India.She wants to become a successful entrepreneur.Her main aim is to bring a change in the educational system,especially the Indian education system.Her goal is to implement practical knowledge in every school along with theoretical knowledge,so that every student can enhance their skills and be able to find their passion.She believes that the main motto of our lives is to make the education we learned useful to the society.She is a Confident,Passionate and Ambitious person with the dream of heading a team of innovators one day,she wishes to leave behind a small spark of clarity which shows people how important self-love and empathy is.She is a great fan of art,music,travel and innovation.Her hobbies include: singing,dancing,painting and reading books.The reason that she came upon the Innovation Fellows program is because for most of her life she has felt that she needed more from her own education. Every creative idea she came up with seemed to have no place in the classroom. For a long time she has felt alone in her creative pursuits, and resorted to keeping her ideas bottled up in her own head.Now in college she knows she has both the confidence and the motivation to search for what she wants to be successful, instead of trying to mimic others. she now knows that if you have the courage to search for avenues to your passion, then the right people will take notice even if you don't think anyone else is paying attention.


Team Members:La Selene Dommu,Mayukhi Choudary,Pranavi Jampana,SandeepAddala

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