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Always try to achieve something big
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Hi, this is Kethan Krishna.People call me Kethan.At present I am pursuing B.Tech 3rd year in Electronics and Communication stream in Sri Venkateswara University College of Engineering,Tirupati.    

     I am a positive thinker. Good thoughts always come from Good thinking. It will lead to good things happening around you. I like Gandhiji who is a great positive thinker. 

    I always try to learn something new to achieve something big.I have got state 3rd rank in Society for Advancement of Science and Technology Talent test at the age of 12.I want to do something for the society.I am very passionate about solving problems in Society. My inspirational quote is ' You may fail after a try,but never fail to try.'.My favourite game is Cricket.I love both watching and playing Cricket.I have also won the cricket trophy at school level. I also love playing Chess.

I have changed several places since my childhood. This gave me a vast experience about the people in different places. I have learnt a lot of things during this time. People behave differently to different people, in different places. I want to eradicate these differences.

I have good grasping power and catches others ideas easily .I love working as a team which helps in solving problems quickly. I always believe that 1+1=3.Team has extra choice rather than individuals.

In the childhood, I have many doubts that how the things are innovated. At that time I also want to innovate something new and want to contribute to the society through my innovations and projects. Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the area  to innovate something new and making it success. I think it will play crucial role in my life.

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