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Katta Jaya Siva Srithan
School (Cohort)
Prasad V. Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science and Engineering


Katta Jaya Siva Srithan is currently a student of computer science and Engineering at the renowned Prasad. V. Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology, as part of his academics he has achieved experience in C programming language while also participating in additional certification program like C workshop, Introduction to problem solving through C++ etc. To ensure a well-rounded development he has been adding additional certification courses to his skillset while constantly upgrading his knowledge. He is also an ambitious member of the literary club at his institution.


1. Sliver-Tier passed out candidate for the NPTEL national level examination conducted on the course “Soft skills and Personality development.”

2. Accomplished multiple intermediate level certification for the programming languages C, C++ and Python.

3. A recognized speaker, anchor and dancer at multiple intra cultural and literary events conducted by the institute.

4. Presenter of the research paper titled “Analysis of different AI based intrusion detection techniques” at the Andhra Loyola Institute of Technology.

5. Author on the non-profit organization Archive of our Own.

6. Received Second Prize for presenting the ideas of “Automatic auxiliary power supply” and “A Rodent control system” at the Kraya Vikraya Kreeda event conducted as part of SITAR-2K23 by the Institute innovation council of PVPSIT. 7. Worked as the secretary for a span of 2 years during schooling days at “Montessori E.M School.”

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