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Jeremy Revlock 

was born in San Francisco and grew up on the Stanford Campus and other parts of Palo Alto, CA. He spent his
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days playing sports and blowing glass. As time went on, he started wanting more money to pursue more exciting adventures so he started working as a freelance glassblower making custom creations for anyone and everyone who appreciated his work. This process caused him to fall in love with business and working with people to create the progeny of their dreams. Now he is a marketing student with a passion for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EI) at the University of Portland. Aside from being a UIF candidate, he is also an officer for the EI club at the university and getting to work with amazing like-minded people to create some really game changing events and product. When he is not doing any of that however, you can most likely find him racing his car, surfing, snowboarding, or rock climbing.

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