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Jeff Chamberlain
School (Cohort)
University of North Florida (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
History Faculty


This is my second year as a Faculty Champion. As a historian, I was not immediately drawn to innovation, but faculty at my former institution got me involved in a Social Product Innovation sequence of courses (I taught the history of creativity and innovation) and I was hooked! I have also been frustrated for some time with the traditional structures of university education, so I am all about finding better ways to teach and learn. Over the last decade, I have been more and more committed to Sustainability, since I believe that the future of humanity on earth is threatened by climate change. I want very much to empower students to make their places of learning be practical ones where they can make the kinds of differences they are capable of.


UIF Faculty Champion Dean, Hicks Honors College, University of North Florida Professor of HIstory Road the whole Great Allegheny Passage bike trail Traveled widely

Social media profiles

Twitter: @drj1992 Instagram: #dr.j1992

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