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Irem Tarkın

İrem Tarkın is a Candidate University Innovation Fellow who is studying Chemical& Biological engineering. She has a deep interest in art history, what makes her excited about art is recognizing and understanding the details. She is a change-maker in the Global Learning and Leadership program at Koç University where she learned about the UIF community. She is a member of KU Global Aid, an organization that searches for sustainable solutions to global issues. Creating a more sustainable environment is one of her biggest passions and she enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone to discover new cultures. She volunteered in Peru for a summer, where she created a project content for the people who are aged between 5-65. The project aimed to create awareness about the climate crisis and offer practical sustainable options to the community. 

İrem enjoys nature, loves walking and hiking to see magnificent views. She feels most at the moment when watching the sky changing color.


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