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Iga Narendra profile picture.jpg
Iga Narendra Pramawijaya
School (Cohort)
Telkom University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Telecommunication Engineering

or simply hi@iganarendra.my.id


"Quarter time musician and podcaster, part time coder, full time learner."

Cool right? That's how I describe myself if the bio is not-so long!

Hello! I am Iga, an Undergraduate Telecommunication student specializing in Digital Signal Processing. That is electrical engineer terms for "he is a code geek, but yet still an electrician". Passionate about science with 11 years experience in computer programming (p.s. It does not mean I am a pro, I just love to code since I was a little boy heheh), interpersonal skills (read: chit-chat skill. but mostly I am too shy to talk and most of the time I won't talk if it's not necessary ) for working in a team and successfully completing several projects. It is also a pleasure for me to help people in their projects with an outstanding result! Praise God....

Outside of research, computer programming and mentoring some people in their project, I like to fill my spare time with making music and reading books. My instruments are the guitar, keyboard, piano (unfortunately I don't have one for now so I need to go to my friend's house for this), and obviously, my own vocal (but I am too shy to sing sometimes :( ) My hobbies drifted me from many problems that came from my own head (mainly impostor syndrome). About reading, I like to read many things. I can confidently say that reading all of fellow's wikis is also a kind of way I am spending my time. I love all of your wikis! It feels like I am standing on shoulders of giant right now.

Achievements (or achievements that I remember so far)

  • 2nd Champion Forestry CTF (Mar 2021) Forensic and Security Laboratory Telkom University
    • With mendung*10^6 team (read: megamendung) I mainly solve steganography and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) problems.
  • Top 100 Social Project (Oct 2020) Telkom Indonesia
    • Sistem Informasi Kebun Berdaya (Si-KB) Selected as top 100 social project and granted with full funding (1600+ US$)
  • Gold Medallist Japan Design Invention Expo 2019 [1]
  • Special Award Highly Innovative Unique Foundation 2019 (Saudi Arabia)
    • Given alongside gold medal in Japan Design Invention Expo. Awarded for favourite idea in IoT and Embedded System
  • Bronze Medallist MTE 2018 (Malaysia Technology Expo)
  • Special Award and Direct Invite Croatian INOVA 2018
    • Given Alongside bronze medal in Malaysia Technology Expo. Awarded as favourite invention
  • 5th Champion Telecommunication Olympiad 2017 Telecommunication Student Union ("SIGNUM") Bandung Institute of Technology
  • National Finalist National Young Inventor Awards 2017 Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI)
  • National 2nd Best Jingle Creation from Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource
  • National Finalist of Indonesian Science Project Olympiad 2017 for Natural Science

Current Positions

  • Computer Vision Research Intern, Computer Vision and Interactive Technology Laboratory (CVIT), Yuan-Ze University
  • Junior Research Assitant, The University Centre of Excellence for Advanced Intelligent Communications (AICOMS), Telkom University
  • (Obviously...) UIF Delegate for Telkom University, Glad to be one of the first joined UIF from Indonesia
  • Research Assistant for Intelligent System and Machine Learning Laboratory, Telkom University
  • Head of Telecommunication Science Association (TOSCA)
  • Former teaching assistant, Machine Learning Tutor, and Senior Software Engineer for Basic Computing Laboratory, Telkom University

Past Experiences

  • Computer Vision Research Intern, LIVE Indonesia
  • Material Provider for Digital Talent Scholarship, Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information
  • Head of Artificial Intelligence back-end division, Sirkadian Corporation
  • Machine Learning Graduate, Bangkit Academy, Join programme from Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture, Google, Gojek, Traveloka, and Tokopedia
  • Student Intern, Telkom Indonesia
  • Research and Logistic for TOSCA

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