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Fall 2021 Priorities

Leadership Clinic

Leadership Clinic

In our university, there are a lot of space and organization to learn about leadership. Unfortunately each organization shares their leadership knowledge with 'forcing regeneration' for their own intentions, hence the member feeling lack of freedom. Here we want to create a Leadership Clinic as a supplementary leadership, life skill, social skill, future planning and networking skill for students. This clinic voluntarily organized by several leaders, people with experience in leadership, productivity, planning, etc. Worth to mention that once the member of the organizer inside the clinic, they are neutral of any other organization. Students that come to our clinic can share their story freely, in confidential, and even get personalized help from the mentors (clinic volunteers). Students also given personal task and trial so they can handle their leadership problem on their own, with their own style and preferences.

The dream board as nearest visualisation to Project 2-20 Mural

Project Two-Twenty (2-20)

Project Two-Twenty is a reflection-grateful-awareness project mainly about reflecting what we have done, what other have done, be grateful, and gain advantage from the good feeling and be privileged by the positive thinking inside. We will create a mural across campus, and a web forum. All of the visitors will be given one question, "What were you doing in February 2020?". We picked this date because this is one month before national lockdown due-to COVID-19 Pandemic. We want people to reflect what they were doing and what they have been done. Everyone can read each other story and hopefully inspired by them. We also will empower the forum with natural language processing, hence the forum can link the user with story that matches theirs and they will be grateful because their position at that time still can be better compared to the other. With this we can create "the chain of gratefulness", when people telling their stories and the reader or listener feel grateful and happy for the storyteller instead of insecure or envy. The physical mural will look like "the dream board" from Netflix's Korean Original series, StartUp.

"Your TeleMart" Campus Media for Entrepreneurs

Our university highlighted as "Research and Entrepreneurship University" but unfortunately our campus only have methods to fund, not to promote. As students, we have methods to promote but those methods are very distinguishable, so people can easily "skip the ad". We want to create a media (printed or electronic) that can highlight startup makers and entrepreneurs in our campus but instead deliver an advertisement to the readers, we will deliver the entrepreneur stories. We imagine this as a magazine with entrepreneurial articles and stories of our own student with their own money-making business. So not only we have "soft advertisement" but also knowledge and experience to share, inspire across campus.

Social experiment illustration

Social Experiment for Student Awareness

A social experiment is a type of research done in fields like psychology or sociology to see how people behave in certain situations or how they respond to particular policies or programs. We have seen that the initiative of each student is still very lacking. We plan to increase student awareness by conducting social experiments. This activity is like carry out activities that invite student initiative. For example, we deliberately drop things, then we test whether there are students who care and help pick up the things we dropped before. Maybe, we should take some documentation hence we can make analysis form this social experiment. With this social experiment, we hope can increase students awareness that caring for the surrounding environment is a very important thing to do. In addition, having a high initiative can also improve a better life for the future.