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Telkom University formed on August 14, 2016 organized by Telkom Educational Foundation and Telkom University is a merge from 4 private universities namely IT Telkom, IM Telkom, Politeknik Telkom and STISI Telkom. Telkom University campus location is a development of STT Telkom campus, the area is also the second oldest transmitting radio station placement in Indonesia which is participated in spread the news of Indonesia proclamation of independence to various parts of the country.


Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Market Days

Market Days is an annual event at Telkom University. On market days, students sell goods or even food that they have made from their own innovations. In addition, the sellers are students from various faculties. Even so, our campus facilitate places to sell. This is one of the campus activities that supports innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Internal Gemastik Competition

We have a competition held by the faculty called Gemastik. In the Gemastik competition, we make innovations in various scope. For example, smart city, Internet of Things, UI/UX Desaign and so on. We can choose it by our self. We only make proposals from our innovations. When we win, we will get funds from the faculty to continue the competition at the national level.

  • Startup Exhibition

Telkom University organize an annual event called The Biggest ICT Show, the event held to promoting the Development of Indonesia Digital Economy Through Innovations and Synergy of University, Industry, Government, & Communities. Other than that, this event will be filled with innovation exhibition by companies engaged in telecommunication, startup and products by Telkom University students.

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Indosat IDCamp

IDCamp is one of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program Indosat Ooredoo in digital education as an effort to build Indonesia as digital nation. IDCamp provide online coding training scholarship in 6 main learning path which is Android Developer, Front-End Web Developer, iOS Developer, Machine Learning Developer, Multi-Platform App Developer dan Back-End Developer, which is available for basic, beginner, intermediate, expert and professional level. At the end of program Indosat and dicoding (as partner for online training modul) will help the best graduate digital talent to get job access.

  • BTP Startup Incubator [1]

provided by Bandung Techno Park (BTP) to helps startup companies and individual entrepreneurs to develop their technology-based business by providing tenant facilities and services, education, and facilitating the development of innovation and commercialisation of research results.

  • Google Bangkit

Google Bangkit is the development of student competence for a career in the world of technology designed through the partnership of the Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Google, Gojek, Tokopedia, Traveloka, and university partners. The Bangkit Program is one of the Merdeka Campus learning models designed through the collaboration of Google as a global technology player. The scope of Google Bangkit learnings are Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Development.

Actively supporting the university technology transfer function


The University Center of Excellence for Advanced Intelligent Communications (AICOMS), Telkom University is a centre of excellence for higher education science and technology with a science orientation (PUI-PT) which focuses on the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and telecommunications at all levels of communication. PUI-PT AICOMS has expertise and experience in 4G, 5G and 6G development. With this expertise, AICOMS has a vision to become the world's leading research center for AI and telecommunications through (i) developing ideal collaborative research models, (ii) strengthening collaboration, and (iii) improving research quality.

  • Collaboration research with Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan.

The collaboration between two technology campus started in 2021 when one of Telkom University’s lecturer, Fityanul A. that currently taking his doctoral degree in deep learning and computer vision field from Yuan-Ze University (YZU), Taiwan. He saw that there were many bright talents for artificial intelligence in Telkom. Hence, after preparing for about four months, Computer Vision and Interaction Technology (CVIT) lab of YZU agreed to invite four Indonesian students from Telkom University, and some other students from India to collaborate on a computer vision project with intelligence industrial as a goal.

  • NanoSat Laboraotry

Nano-Satellite laboratory of Telkom University is one of the most active laboratory in terms of competition and publication. This laboratory has produced prototypes of intelligent nanosatellite, cube satellite, and even contributed in Indonesia’s satellite projects. Their outstanding achievements will not be achievable without their hardworking members and their supervisor, Mr. Edwar with his nanosatellite and competition mastery.

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts

  • Bina Desa

a social activity conducted by Telecommunication Engineering Student Union to empower human resources in a village in order to develop its potential to utilize technology created and provided by students. It has different technology topic to be presented each year. By knowing the technology and how to use it, hopefully there will be more jobs created, innovation and more benefits related to technology.

comes as sociopreneurship competition in digital technology field thanks to collaboration of PT. Telkom Indonesia with Telkom University, by accomodating students in their hometown (during Covid-19 Pandemic) to be directly involved in helping to provide solutions to the social problems of their village through applicable digital innovations by having SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Project to create social benefits and measurable economic improvement.

  • Entrepreneurship Course

compulsory course for all student to learn about entrepreneurship. The course consist of several topic starting from basic knowledge about entrepreneurship, how to think innovatively and creatively, creating a business plan, pitching investor to gain initial funding, running and evaluating the business based on the business plan.

Facilitating University-Industry collaboration

  • Work Ready Program (WRAP)

WRAP is the new program from Telkom University that applied in 2020 curriculum. At this program, students will build their own business, start with the idea until the execution within 2 semester and will be guided by lecturer, teaching team and also mentor from various existing industry.

  • Kampus Merdeka Intern

Kampus Merdeka is a program from the Ministry of Education and Culture aiming to allow students the opportunity to master practical knowledge and acquire useful skills for their future careers. Kampus Merdeka invites industry partners contributing to preparing a work-ready generation by providing the opportunity of internship and independent study for our students. Kampus Merdeka Interns is our enhanced internship program that allows companies to get fresh new ideas from young talents and groom them with the prospect of acquiring permanent employment afterward.

  • Pre-Internship

When we are in 4th semester, we will do pre-internship activities. We can choose the company that we want. However, there is a limited quota. This Pre-Internship is useful for us to learn how to work in a company. Pre-Internship is usually done for 6 weeks.