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Fun Facts

I lived in a cornfield in Iowa until I was 18 and had never moved until college.

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I love armadillos and collect armadillo-related things.

My favorite color is light yellow.

I don't like bacon.

Education and Career Goals

I am a junior Entrepreneurship and International Business double major at the University of Oklahoma. I am a big believer in the importance and power of a dream, and I live to empower others, so being a teacher was always something I strongly considered. As I entered college, I discovered a passion for entrepreneurship, and specifically for social entrepreneurship, which has been shaped by research projects and internship experience.  Because of this, I now know I want to pursue a career working with social good startups locally and internationally before completing graduate school. I would strongly consider at that point returning to a university setting to be an entrepreneurship educator.

International Experience

I am a firm believer that as this world is becoming more interconnected across continents, we can't afford to be left behind. I have studied abroad for one summer in Arusha, Tanzania.  This was a study and a service trip as I committed 20 hours to serving in an HIV clinic during my time abroad. I'm currently taking a semester abroad in Ecuador to study social entrepreneurship in a global setting. My comfort zone and my Spanish-speaking skills are being stretched every day in the best of ways. These experiences have and will continue to give me a broader worldview and an understanding of cultures which are different from my own. I also plan to apply for the Fulbright scholarship upon completion of my undergraduate coursework to spend a fully-funded year abroad working, volunteering, or furthering my education.

University Innovation Fellowship Experience

I became a candidate in Spring 2016.  I will be working closely with the brand new Innovation Hub on OU's campus to develop an interdisciplinary student team which will lead classes and workshops, plan startup weekends and hackathons, and practically demonstrate the ways that the Innovation Hub can serve as a resource for students of all majors and interest areas.

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