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Henry Jenkins
School (Cohort)
Colorado School of Mines (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Mechanical Engineering
United States of America


Henry Jenkins is a senior studying mechanical engineering. Before that, however, he's always had a passion for math and science. Henry's dad was involved with different engineering technologies like rockets and RF communication systems while he was growing up, and this undoubtedly fostered his immense interest in what is fundamentally the application of math and science to change the world. Beyond engineering, his passions have grown to include philosophy, a more general kind of critical thought. His goal is to develop an environment at his university that can allow students to explore other avenues of critical thought, namely through philosophy and the developing of nuanced thinking. Outside of academic pursuits, Henry love to play saxophone, go climbing and read in his spare time; he also enjoy cycling and running if he can't go climbing.


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