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Harika sane is a student of ANNAMACHARYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES .she is currently pursuing her bachelor degree in computer science and engineering.she is currently living in RAJAMPET. she is a creative thinker.she always keep smiling.she is fond of music.she likes spending time with friends.she attracts everyone with her beautiful eyes and smile.she is hard worker.she is good artist.she always keep others and herself happy.she likes others talent and encourage them.she want to become a software designer.she is good dancer.she is a dignified girl.she supports her friends and encourage them to get success.she gives more importance to her parents.she has a friendly father.she shares everything with her father.she does not do anything without telling to her father.she easily identified by every one in her college.she respect people with their behaviour but not money.she is very punctual in time sense.she likes flowers .particularly rose that indicates its not easy to get anything.she solves all problems in creative way.she takes all the comments from friends.she likes listening and creating stories.Her friendship is amazing but sometimes she hurts friends for silly things.

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