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Gwendolyn Schad is a Univeristy Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is originally from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Growing up in a small industrial town of Sheboygan Falls, Gwendolyn has been passionate about creating change through engineering since early on. She was always surrounded by engineers and developed a problem-solving mindset from watching her brother participate in FIRST Robotics.  Participating, herself, in FIRST Robotics and doing a co-op at Bemis Manufacturing Company in high school helped her to explore and fall in love with engineering. Recently, Gwendolyn has soldified that her interests in electrical engineering lie specifically in the power distribution and renewable energy realm. 

Gwendolyn is working with other University Innovation Fellows at the Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison to create a new student organization. This student organization will fill the students' need for a place to develop creative confidence and practice design thinking. Gwendolyn hopes to continue to help her peers build creative confidence, agency, and an entrepreneurial mindset so each one of them can help to address global challenges.

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