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University of Wisconsin - Madison Student Priorities

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After conducting research on the resources available on our campus, we came up with four strategic priorities. These are addressed in the various initiatives below.

  1. Strategic Priority 1: Creating valuable mentorship opportunities.
  2. Strategic Priority 2: Promoting cross-disciplinary networks among students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Strategic Priority 3: Providing students the opportunity to see how and why innovation and entrepreneurship are important in their fields.

Coming soon: Your Video (Session 5)

Virtual Hub


  • The Virtual Hub will be a center, resource, and sounding-board for all things innovation and design. It will serve to inspire and connect entrepreneurs and students through a uniquely structured and interactive platform.


  • Creating opportunities to find valuable mentorship
  • Improving communication between students, faculty, and staff
  • Creating a space that is open to the entire community and where everyone feels comfortable
  • Promoting the ideas of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Simplifying and unifying opportunities


  • Interactive Calendar (featuring university and madison affiliated events)
  • Discussion Forums (to promote idea-sharing and mentorship)
  • Experts Section (place to classify people’s skills as resources to students and entrepreneurs)
  • Community Resources (links to other resources such as accelerators and start-ups in the community)
  • Q&A (space to ask and answer any and all questions related to design, innovation, and entrepreneurship)

Social Media Campaign (#innovativebadger)


  • The Social Media Campaign will focus on getting the word out about the UW Madison UIF group and to keep up communication with students, faculty, and staff.


  • Promote innovative activities on campus by working with existing clubs and programsProvide a platform to define what innovation and entrepreneurship are to you


  • Twitter (@UWMadisonUIF)
  • Facebook (@UIFMadison)
  • #Innovativebadgers (hashtag to use for unifying social media presence)

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