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My name is Grace Lynelle Carter. I'm an engineering major and JMU and I grew up in the foreign service. 

I love asking question, dancing, engaged people, those who aren't afraid to be judged, and aren't scared to act like fools. I also love animal facts and try to avoid small talk if I can help it.

I grew up seeing design flaws at every place I've lived and see it as a goal in life to fix as many of them as i can. I've been building and creating since I can remember and love to ask the big questions that get people to where they really need to go. I believe in kindness, forgiveness, humility, having harmless fun, and learning from your wrongs. I believe in confidence, and building people up.

As a new member of UIF it will be my goal to be the change others want to see on campus. While I have a few ideas of my own to work on I feel the most crucial thing for me is to allow the students of JMU to have a chance to change their school. And hopefully with the help of UIF I can be a wave on that ripple to start that change.

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