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Florencia Ramirez
School (Cohort)
Universidad de los Andes Chile (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Service Management with minor in Nutrition


Florencia also known as Flo was born in may 30th of 1998 in Santiago de Chile. She went to San Anselmo school were she discover who she was, to love your neighbor, to help the other and creating a very strong relationship with God.

She studied five different degrees, but never finished de first four. Now is currently studying Service Management to deepen her love for helping the other with a minor in Nutrition.

Florencia is a musician, music is her life. She is a songwriter and loves to share her feelings and her view of life threw her songs. For her music has the capacity to share emotions threw words and melody, something that cannot be shared with just words or actions.

Her biggest dreams is to create her own nonprofit organization to help kids with different difficulties throw music, an go back to Australia to study music again.

Florencia is part of the student council of her career, in charge of different volunteers and social awareness. She also is a teacher assistant of two courses of accounting.

She loves to spent her quality time singing, drawing, playing with her dogs and nephews, and doing yoga. Florencia is an outgoing person, that loves to laugh, make others laugh and enjoy life as it is.

For her her God, family and friend are the most important things in life.


Social media profiles

Instagram: @floramirezs

E-mail: framirez2@miuandes.cl

Facebook: Florencia Ramirez