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Florencia Macedo is a University Innovation Fellow. Born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay´s capital, Florencia grew up wondering how things worked and how they could be improved. This is why she is currently an undergraduate Business and Management student at Universidad de Montevideo.

In her spare time you can find her hanging out with friends and family. She defines herself as a “family person” as she loves to have everyone around. From a young age she developed a love for cooking, an activity she adores as it can bring people together and make them happy.
In the near future she hopes to travel around the world in order to meet new cultures and ideas that could be solutions to different issues her country faces.

She defines herself as a hard-working determined young student who likes to create. She is passionate about change and generating new creative solutions to different problems and challenges. Her goal is to help businesses and people find their best possible self. She believes it is crucial for youngsters to unleash their potential not only to live fuller lives but also for tomorrow´s economy.

Her dream is to have her own business.
This is why she looks forward to obtaining the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Diploma as well as the  Marketing Diploma in addition to her degree.

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