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Esther is part of the Class of 2021 at Vanderbilt University studying Human Organizational Development and Asian Studies with a minor in Engineering Management. She takes great pride in beginning her life’s journey in the Grand Canyon State, Arizona, to which she also calls home, though currently residing in Dallas, Texas. Upon coming to Vandy, she quickly immersed herself as much as possible with all the opportunities she could take advantage of. Every year in her college career, she dedicated herself to numerous organizations until she found her passion— diversity, and inclusion. Through her involvement with the Multicultural Leadership Council, Asian American Student Association, Chi Omega chapter, and Vanderbilt Student Government, she saw an opportunity to make real change through her unique experiences. Through this endeavor, her pursuit of making real change starting from her school emerged. From there, she also discovered social enterprise through her involvement with the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures where she learned the power of awareness and education and building connections to impact the community. Through these assortments of activities, Esther accumulated experience and robust skillsets that she now contributes to her University Innovation Fellow team and their new project. Her aspirations are built upon the foundations of all her experiences where she hopes to grow as an influential changemaker being an instrumental factor in making the world better.