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Project Video

Vanderbilt University Map the System Competition

Map the System is a global competition that challenges students to take a research-first approach to designing solutions to complex human-environment challenges. Students conduct extensive research to learn about a social or environmental challenges’ underlying components. Students then develop and present a presentation, articulating their findings in a way that inspires audiences and fosters understanding and engagement. Info sessions and outreach will take place this fall, and registration of teams is due by the end of January. The development of project workshops and skills enhancing lectures will need to be created. Essential partners are the Wond’ry and the Turner Family Center. The program will advance objective sets forth by the Design as an Immersive Vanderbilt Experience (DIVE) and Immersion Vanderbilt. Questions to consider to bring to fruition this incredible opportunity. What is our strategy for marketing the opportunity and recruiting students for the inaugural competition in spring 2020? What student organizations on campus can play an integral role in developing Map the System at Vanderbilt? How can we incorporate Map the System into curricular opportunities for students?

Annual Social Ventures Summit

Every year, the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures convenes entrepreneurs, innovators, educators, and leaders of social change. This stems from a belief in the power of collaborative social impact and the role of community connections. Our UIF team proposed broadening the summit’s audience scope where it is not limited to Vanderbilt students. Instead, we see value in bringing together students from across Nashville and Tennessee. Moreover, we believe that bringing a wider audience of professionals will enrich the collaboration experience and expose students to new perspectives.

Under the theme of “Growing Together”, the summit is planned to convene innovative and ambitious practitioners to challenge common entrepreneurial approaches, promote networking and foster a culture of engagement. Our mission is to accelerate community-wide growth by uniting strategic key-players in a collaborative pursuit of large-scale impact. Partnering across disciplines can produce unexpected and compelling opportunities. It can also produce unforeseen challenges. These partnerships contribute to system-wide practices to nurture thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems.