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Elijah Ware is a University Fellow who's currently an undergraduate student studying broadcast media at Iona College. Iona is located in New Rochelle, New York which is about 30 minutes north of Manhattan. Elijah is currently interning with the Hynes Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Iona College as well as Larchmont Community Television. At the Hynes Institute, Elijah performs entrepreneurial tasks in which he expands and collaborates upon ideas with his peers. At Larchmont Community Television, Elijah works towards a career in his field of study by doing play by play and color commentary for local high school sporting events.

Entrepreneurship hasn't always been the main focus of Elijah. Leading up to college, Elijah knew that he wanted to study broadcast media and work towards a career in sports broadcasting. After opening his mind to more options, Elijah realized his entrepreneurial potential and began searching for his true passion and purpose. A mentor that Elijah met in college bought him a book by the name of Rich Dad Poor Dad that he read in the summer after his sophomore year of college. This book inspired Elijah to begin embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. So, Elijah went and bought himself a lawnmower and began mowing lawns in his neighborhood. Mowing lawns led to trimming hedges, and trimming hedges lead to pulling weeds and applying mulch.

As Elijah's small business began to grow, so did his confidence and interest in entrepreneurship. Elijah still runs this business and has began embarking on other entrepreneurial endeavors as well. Elijah is a firm believer that everyone's path is different, and no one should should limit themselves to the status quo. The status quo should be used as a tool for one to reach their potential, and be able to invest their time, energy, and money into their passions.

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