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Ekin Al
School (Cohort)
TOBB University of Economics and Technology (2021 cohort)
Majoring in


I am looking for real processes of learning, experiencing and understanding. Today and always. An economics student who believes in reverse mentoring processes where young people convey their ideas to senior managers and interested in social sciences, sustainable development, arts, entrepreneurship, behavioral economics, generational communication, artificial intelligence ethics, techno sociology and corporate activism. I am also a feminist interested in gender equality, climate justice, ecology, fair and transparent technology.

My main interests are sustainability, social impact and design thinking. I believe that we can solve ecological and social problems with new economic models. I am part of a community on many micro and macro scales.

I am a member of one of the global shapers communities supported by the world economic form. I am a part of the learning community of Atölye.io, an organization that develops creative services and is a combination of Strategic Design Studio, Academy and Creative Platform.

I am at the community base at İmece, a social innovation platform where people and institutions that create change meet and work together to find solutions to social, ecological and cultural issues.

I have been involved in many volunteer projects to create a better world. Like WWF, Greenpeace. Moreover, I participate in social awareness runs in my country every year and take part in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

I work as a learning and experience designer at a newly established youth academy on one of the largest benches in my country. Here we make it easier for young people to access 21st century talent.

I work in the learning, leadership and innovation unit at S360 sustainability consulting company. We support companies, brands and institutions to make better choices.

I am a part of a new generation payment system and payment infrastructure focused on brand advertising, marketing and strategy. In addition, I take part in the youth senate of several companies in my country.

I volunteered as a youth program facilitator and content developer at the social enterprise good4trust, which was founded by an Ashoka fellow.

I took part as a fellow in the start-up called Kodluyoruz, which provides free coding and computer science courses to young people.

In addition, I take part in processes where I mentor the senior managers of many companies. I regularly organize workshops on donut economy at different institutions and platforms. I have a podcast series and an instagram live stream series.

It is very important for me that different generations think together and produce permanent solutions to global complex problems, so I organize roundtable conversations.

Art is a big passion for me. I'm not an art producer but art and culture always fascinate me


I have various awards in the institutions I work for

Social media profiles

https://www.linkedin.com/in/ekin-al/ https://www.instagram.com/ekin.al/?hl=tr