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1- Building the Innovation Community

Innovation and entrepreneurship are culturally competencies that students need to learn. It is one of the most important priorities for us to spread the innovation culture more in our school community and to carry out awareness work in line with the determined goals. We will also take care to create an innovation community. Well, let's mention about the perspectives we will approach the concept of innovation in our studies.

Innovation is just one of the latest fashion concepts in the business world. Let's take a look at this concept, which is popular with companies, from a completely different perspective. When it comes to innovation, the first thing that comes to mind is the concept of innovation. But the basis of innovation is actually three words: “creativity,” invention (invention) and commercialization”.

We will use the principles we have determined to create innovation by giving importance to inclusiveness in every project we do. Our perspective on the concept of innovation will play an important role in every project we do. Spreading the innovation culture in our school is one of our top priorities.

2- Intergenerational - Interdisciplinary Learning

Design an interdisciplinary learning space:

Designing a place where people can learn new ideas from each other. Creating the space for students from different departments to work together on startup and innovation. Teamwork, diversity and inclusion are very important in the 21st century. To bring together people from different cultures and different interests in this field and to provide a suitable environment for them to produce innovative ideas together.

Promote peer learning and intergenerational learning

To encourage individuals from different generations to work together independently of hierarchy. Supporting the sharing of ideas between generations with roundtable meetings, bringing the business world, local governments and students together

Bring the business world and entrepreneurship ecosystem together with the school

TOBB is Turkey's largest commercial umbrella organization. It has a strong network with Turkey's best entrepreneurs. To bring this network together with students. In addition to theoretical education, students should be in the same ecosystem with business life, especially the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

3- Enhanced Communication Ecosystem

Strengthening communication between students:

It is among our priorities to improve students' communication outside of the classroom and to create an ecosystem where they can develop and learn together. We aim to increase the interaction between students by encouraging them to discuss their ideas and develop projects together.

Strengthening communication between students and academics:

We aim to break down the possible "hierarchy" between students and academics and create a more accessible chain of relations. It is among our priorities to increase the contribution among students with extracurricular activities that will enable them to develop communication with academicians outside of the classroom.

Strengthening communication between administrative units and students:

It is important for us to strengthen the communication between the administrative units and the students and to shorten ‘the distances’ in order to make the improvements related to the school faster and more effective. For this reason, one of our goals is to provide meetings between students and staff or to establish a feedback system.