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https://in.linkedin.com/in/dinesh-nadimpalliDinesh Nadimpalli is a University Innovation Fellow(UIF) pursuing his Bachelor of Engineering in the stream of Electronics and TeleCommunication in SRKREC(AndhraPradesh, INDIA). He is a member of IETE a National level student organization which conducts magnificent programs for the students. He is an active contributor and possesses skills beyond his academics.
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Apart from this, he is passionate about doing projects related to electronics, web development and for the social welfare because such projects make him self-motivated and promote lateral thinking. He did some projects related to Arduino and conducted a two-day workshop on Arduino with the help of his friends which was a big hit. This workshop was aimed at improving the knowledge of the students of his college on Arduino.

Written By: Dinesh Nadimpalli

Note: This is just a reference, but things may become way more complicated and way more elegant as time passes.

Check out my LinkedIn for more details: Dinesh Nadimpalli

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