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Diego Pilosof is a uruguayan student who studies at Universidad de Montevideo. He is a junior student of both Accountancy and Business and Management. His main objctive is to get de double-degree. His passion are the small entrepreneurships and how they get to grow in the complex industry of nowadays. Diego lives in Montevideo and decided to be a UIF candidate because of his interest in innovation and making real changes in the world. Every small change we make is a big change. 

Apart from university, Diego has been part of a non profit youth movement for 5 years. He has been a youth leader there using a different technique of educating, non fromal education. His organization is run by people not older than 21 years old. For the last two years he has also been in charge of its finances and been one of its managers. 

In the future, Diego wants to continue working with people as being in contact with them and working in group has been an exciting experience. It is not only challenging but also very enriching. In eery teamwork experience the are new learnings. 

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