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Devin Ajimine is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at University of Portland.
His focuses include software engineering and user experience with a minor in math and innovation. Devin is originally from Honolulu, Hi, where he lived until 2015 when he moved to Portland, OR for college at University of Portland. While participating in multip entrepreneurship classes and events, Devin found out about University Innovation Fellows. 

At University of Portland, Devin is involved with multiple clubs and the men's club soccer team. In addition, he works for the University as a content creator for the Marketing Department. He also works for Oceanit S&T company remotely and is currently helping Portland tech startups as a consultant for their content and user experience.

As a child, Devin was interested in entrepreneurship. Growing up, he was also very heavily involved in photography and filming, winning a few photography contest and a film festival. While in college, Devin won two event in a create-a-thon allowing him to be participate in the University's 100K challenge as a sophomore.