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About Daniel

Daniel Dickason is a freshman Mechanical Engineering student at Colorado School of Mines. Growing up, Daniel always help an interest in taking things apart in order to figure out ho\w they worked. This led to trouble with his mom when he started taking apart kitchen appliances, but he always managed to put everything back together. As he grew up, these forays into understanding basic mechanics were helpful as he went on humanitarian aid trips across the North American Continent. His childhood attempts to understand how the things around him work are responsible for his involvement with the Engineering Grand Challenges Themed Learning Community, with which he holds a leadership position, and because of the aid trips he became involved in the Colorado School of Mines chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB). As a member of EWB he is researching and planning a water supply system for the town of Los Gomez, Nicaragua. Much like anybody with an iPhone or any other smartphone has done, Daniel dropped his iPhone and cracked the screen. Despite the distress that this caused, he was able to turn a tragedy into an opportunity. Ever since he fixed his own iPhone screen, he has operated a business repairing phone screens and various other parts.On the side, Daniel photographs his adventures hiking, camping, and exploring in the Rocky Mountains. He also enjoys working on his car and riding ATV's with his family.

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