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Hey there!

I'm passionate about solving problems in the world, and I want to empower my peers to do the same.

To accomplish this, I am advocating for lasting institutional change and creating opportunities for students to engage with entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, design thinking and venture creation at the University of Portland.

Some things I'm passionate about: design, photography, rock climbing, health & fitness, cute puppies, good coffee, sphynx cats

CONNECT WITH ME ON LINKEDIN! www.linkedin.com/in/colepreece

GALLUP Strengths: 1) Ideation 2) Individualization 3) Strategic 4) Communication 5) Relator


Final Pitch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3z6lCbK5vc

University of Portland Wiki Page: http://universityinnovation.org/wiki/University_of_Portland

University of Portland Student Priorities: http://universityinnovation.org/wiki/University_of_Portland_Student_Priorities