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Honors college student of Kent State University receiving a bachelors degree in Aeronautics to one day be a commercial airline pilot, a member of ExpressJet's AP3 program, and a member of the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Delta Gamma. I have wanted to be a pilot since I was 13 years old.  No one in my family works in the aviation industry, and I did not know of anyone that was.  I realized that flying involved everything in life that I truly enjoyed and decided to chase after it relentlessly.  My parents were not on board with my plan and I had no knowledge of how I would begin my training, or where to start.  I reached out to my local air center and people in my community who had flying experience.  I researched university flight programs and military options to determine the best path for myself academically, and studied early on to prepare myself for this new field. I scheduled my first flight during my senior year of high school, and confirmed that dream I had five years ago.  It was not easy being introduced into a such new environment, especially one that is so incredibly male dominated.  I became a University Innovation Fellow to create the mindset that new dreams are not so unattainable.  I want to invoke the concept of individuality to new generations, hoping to create a drive and determination to test limits and personal boundaries despite the hesitation of others.  With women especially, I strive to become an example of confidence and equality in a male dominated career.  I strongly believe that passion drives innovation, and plan on using this idea as a catalyst for change in my community.

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